Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is, in summary, the function of transmitting telephone calls via an internet connection. VoIP offers many benefits which include low call costs, quick setup, easy migration, low maintenance and multiple failover options.

All our packages include a Private Branch Exchange (PBX), a cloud-based call management system. A PBX includes many features such as free internal calls, multiple extensions, call recording, interactive voice response and voicemail.
VoIP requires an internet connection, but uses very little data and when combined with a PBX, can be a cost effective telephonic solution to save a company thousands in call and admin costs.
BOSS VoIP, a telephony service in Cape Town, is preset with a call flow that requires no human intervention to manage calls, making setup quick and easy. Customisation and support is managed by our team.

Call Waiting

Hunt Groups

Voicemail to E-mail

Interactive Voice Response

Call Forwarding


All prices exclude VAT



R 1,000 . 00

Per User

R 100 . 00

Monthly Rental


R 150 . 00

Multi-User - Includes 5 Extensions

R 250 . 00

Multi-User - Additional Extension

R 50 . 00

Call Rates - Cost Per Minute, Per Second Billing

South Africa - Landline

R 0.35

South Africa - Mobile

R 0.65


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